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A1 Group is an A1 Gim company.

Working as a structure representing commercial investments and projects, A1 Group aims to reduce costs, increase benefits and comfort, and make the seemingly impossible possible and accessible by combining today's and future opportunities. While realizing all these, it acts with the principle of loyalty and fair sharing.

It works as a platform that brings together the producers of goods and services in Turkey with those who demand these goods and products all over the world, and provides all the needs and requirements of the commercial activity that takes place in this process.

In this context, it has taken its place in the Fortune500 Turkey list in 2017, and it has the sector's first place in the exports of the sectors (Electrical Electronics, Industrial Kitchen Equipment) and Ornamental Plants, in which it is in the top 1000 in the research of the Turkish Exporters Assembly.


After TURKMENABAD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, which is the second largest airport in Turkmenistan, of which Gündoğdu İnşaat is the main contractor in Turkmenistan, all the product supply of the KERKI DOMESTIC AIRPORT project was carried out from a single office thanks to the digital platform it established, and JEBEL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, which is currently the third airport project,' continues its procurement process.

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